Billing Terms and Conditions


The word 'seller' refers to the owner of the site - a person with whom an order is placed, in exchange for payment.

The word Buyer describes the entity or person who makes the order.

Solutions or products represent the order that the buyer placed with the seller.


When the order is fully processed, all payments are due. In the event that payment is not obtained or the method of payment is incorrect, the order will not be processed and the buyer will lose ownership of the products due to non-payment.

Delivery Policy

Delivery charges are paid by the buyer in the amount that counts on the order value, at the time of purchase. The seller will not be entrusted with any damage to the order during shipment. In addition, the seller will take all steps to ensure that the order remains protected against loss, damage or damage of any kind during delivery.

Refund/Return Policy

This covers our time to select crucial items from stock, check them, prepare accreditation reports and pack/ship the order. Personalized Order Test Blocks and Suggestion Standards, and check out blocks with laser engraved corporate logo style designs are not approved for return. To safeguard our history of efficiency for quality and quality, we ask that all items returned to our center arrive here in like-new condition.


An order may be canceled until work begins or payment is actually processed, whichever comes first. Buyer is responsible for payment for all orders canceled after commencement or payment.


Any issues with items or the seller should be emailed to our support group at

We will do our utmost to help with the scenario. Each case is considered individually and during this time the seller will remain in contact with the buyer.


Once the buyer has received the items or services, the seller is not responsible for any health problems or safety problems. If any damage is incurred by the items received by the buyer, the seller will have no obligation.

Any conflict arising from such use of the website shall be governed by the laws of the state of the owner of the site.

These billing terms will continue later.

This is a sign to us that you agree to these billing terms if you receive anything from this site