Our Story: Mimmti®
Your Partner in Smart, Stylish and Quality Products for Modern Parents

Welcome to Mimmti, known for the NanaBeebi diaper bag.

A brand born from the need for practical, stylish, and affordable products for today's parents. We are a dedicated team of young entrepreneurial parents who understand the challenges of parenthood, and who have chosen to turn these challenges into opportunities for better products.

Our mission

At Mimmti we strive to empower parents to make life with their little ones easier, more stylish and more enjoyable. We believe in smart design, high-quality materials and affordable prices without compromising on quality.

A New Generation of Parenting

With a passion for smart and practical solutions, we started our journey, inspired by the frustration of parents who needed products that fit their active lifestyle.

Our first step was to develop the ultimate diaper bag, designed to be not only functional, but also fashionable and contemporary. This diaper bag quickly became a favorite among parents, appreciated for its smart design and premium quality.

Our Commitment to Quality

At Mimmti, quality is at the heart of everything we do. Each product is carefully designed, tested and produced to the highest European standards.

Our community of parents has helped us to create products that are not only functional, but also aesthetically appealing, because we know that parents also want to be spoiled with beautiful and useful items.

Our Promise to You

We are proud that we not only supply products, but offer a solution to the daily challenges of parents. Customer satisfaction is our priority. We are easily accessible for all your questions and offer a 100% quality and satisfaction guarantee. Feel free to ask our community of satisfied customers!

At Mimmti we are committed to supporting parents in their parenthood journey, with smart and stylish products that simplify everyday life. Welcome to the Mimmti family, where we strive to provide the best solutions for you and your little ones.